Green Smoke Flavor Max Cartomizer Pack

Green Smoke not only produces the best electronic-cigarettes out there but they got you covered when its time to re order cartomizers. They have a variety of great flavors in various levels of nicotine at a great price. The Flavor Max Cartomizer Pack is a great option and comes in a pack or five.

The Green Smoke Cartomizer Pack comes in just about any flavor you want ranging from Smooth Chocolate to Mountain Clove. You can can also select nicotine levels from zero up to 2.4%. What I really like about the FlavorMax cartomizers is that they really do seem to last longer and taste great. Stop by Green Smoke and grab some today and you will not be disappointed.

Green Smoke FlavorMax Ecig Cartomizer Pack

Green Smoke FlavorMax Ecig Cartomizer Pack

“FlavorMax™ Cartomizers are among the longest lasting cartomizers available and give you 25% more vapor than other leading brands. You can pull up to 360 puffs from each cartomizer which is comparable to up to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. FlavorMax™ Cartomizers are also triple sealed ensuring that you get the freshest, fullest flavor with every puff.”

Ecig Cartomizer Flavor Choices… What works?

I think what type of nicotine you are addicted to plays a major role in what flavored ecig cartomizer will work best for you.  The regular cigarette smoker will probably prefer the Tobacco flavored cartomizers where as the snuff or chewing tobacco user will most likely prefer the Menthol flavored ecig cartomizers.

The most basic flavors out there are Tobacco and Menthol and one of these will appeal to most tobacco users. For cigarette smokers switching to a tobacco flavored ecig is a simple transition. Menthol cigarette smokers may struggle a little as menthol flavored cartomizers are not exactly the same taste. However if you are a tobacco chewer or snuff user menthol is a great option to get your nicotine fix with out risking your health.

I am one of those snuff users that needs Menthol cartomizers.  It taste just like most dip brands that I use like Skoal or Copenhagen.  So if you dip, make the switch!

When to change your ecig cartomizers?

I think that the question of when to change your ecig cartomizers is a reoccurring question because no one is really ever sure.  The instruction manuals that come with your electronic cigarette doesn’t tell you.  Everyone kinda does it based on pure instincts.

So here is my take on it.

I usually replace my cartomizer when it starts to feel like there is less nicotine in it.  This can be seen or experience by less vapor production.  Meaning it is harder to pull.

Another strong indicator that it is time to change your cartomizer is when it starts to taste burnt.

Some of my other friends, keep using it until they can’t draw anything out of them.  I generally will not wait that long because I want the full draw effect when I smoke.  Anything less is just useless to me.

So there you have it.  I hope that helps.